Thursday, December 3, 2009

Even the last is late

I have a problem updating this thing.

Wednesday, Nov. 11

Ms. Thompson had me look through the collection for call number stickers that were different from the way they were suppose to be. These included stickers that were hand-written, not in all capital letters, or were badly faded. I went through the collection and turned in the list. After I was done, Ms. Thompson gave me "These are Reference Books and They Do Not Leave The Library" stickers to put on reference books whose stickers had faded and were unreadable.

Friday, Nov. 13

Ms. Thompson gave me the new call number stickers and I put them on the books that they belonged to. After finishing with the stickers, I started dusting the shelves. Unforunately, I ran out of cleaning clothes before I got done.

Monday, Nov. 16

Ms. Thompson had gotten some more clean clothes and I finished dusting the shelves. After I was finished, I swept the floor with the floor sweeper. When I was done with the floor, I started on a new stack of newspapers.

Wednesday, Nov. 18

I finished going through the stack of newspapers looking for articles. After I was done, Ms. Thompson had me go through all the devices in the video room to see if they all worked. I checked VCRs, overhead projectors, and an old video camera. After checking everything, I put all the deficits on a cart and took down first barcode numbers, then took off the barcodes.

Friday, Nov. 20

Friday was my last day, and because it was before the school's week of Thanksgiving break, there wasn't that much to do. All I did was clean out the drawers behind the front desk with Mrs. Smith and throw away things that needed to be thrown away. I looked through three newspapers, but didn't find anything. And that was about it for what I did that day. However, it was also my birthday, and there was a little celebrating. There were some cupcakes (I ate four), a card, and a bucket of gum that was joke pertaining to the time that I scrapped the gum off the bottom of all the tables in the library. The "Guminator" sticker on the bucket was a nice touch, though.