Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little Late

I know that I'm really late with this update. I write down what all I do each day, but I just keep forgetting to update the blog. I always intend to do it, but I keep forgetting. However, I have finally made certain that I update the blog.

At Hattiesburg High School, I work under Mrs. Claire Thompson. My hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 11 a.m to 3 p.m.

Wednesday, August 26

On my first day, Mrs. Thompson had me start using Senior High Core Collection: A Selection Guide, 17th edition. Senior High Core Collection is its new name, it was formally known as Senior High School Library Catalog. It is a catalog that recommends materials that every high school library should have in their library, in genres such as fiction and reference.

Mrs. Thompson had me start in the fiction section, which is sorted by authors with names in alphabetical order, beginning with the A's. I got to the start of the G's.

Friday, August 28

I started on Senior High again, working from the G's to the L's. I worked from 11 to 2:30, when all of us in the library (librarians, teaching assistant, and practium student [me]) closed the library and went to the prep rally for the football game that was that night.

I had an interesting surprise happen on that Friday to talk about. On Wednesday, there was a confusing listing in Senior High. The author heading was Boylan, Jennifer; but under it, one of the books said by James Boylan. I went and told Mrs. Thompson about it, and between the end of Wednesday and Friday morning, she went and looked it up. When I showed up on Friday, Mrs. Thompson had a surprising newspaper article printed out for me. Apparently, Mr. James Boylan decided to become Mrs. Jennifer Boylan, he decided to become she. So in the end, we discovered that the listing, even though confusing, was very much true.

Monday, August 31

I worked on Senior High again, going from the L's to the Q's. Then Mrs. Thompson first showed me how, the let me do it on my own, to put plastic covers on paperback books. The library usually orders its books in hardcover, but these books were autographed books by an author that had been a practium student in the library in the past, from a signing at a book store. I did the three books that she gave me pretty good, I just had a few air bubbles that needed to be smoothed out.

Wednesday, September 2

I worked on Senior High again, going from the Q's to the W's. Then Mrs. Thompson had me go through a box of videos and DVDs that someone had dropped off at the library, and check the catalog to see if we already had any of them. There were about five that the library already had, but rest were kept. Finally, Mrs. Thompson got me applied to Titlewave, the site that the library uses to order most of it's books. I was going to create a list of the fiction books that the library didn't have that were listed in the Senior High CC. when I had finished checking.

Friday, September 4

I finished Senior High, going from the W's to the Z's. Then I started on the Titlewave book list.

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