Monday, November 9, 2009

These are only a week late

Wednesday, Nov. 4

I de-stickered videos again today. I also cut out a few newspaper articles, too. Ms. Thompson told me that she and Mrs. Smith weren't going to be there on Friday, that it was just going to be Mrs. Hester, and we talked about what I was going to be doing on Friday.

Friday, Nov. 6

It had been decided on Wednesday that on Friday that I was going to go through the fiction and short stories sections of the Senior High Core Collection 2009 addition. The addition had come in a little booklet. It took me the whole time, but I got both sections finished.

Monday, Nov. 9

Today I cut out articles from the the newspaper. There weren't that many, so I was able to go through the entire stack. I also worked on Senior High non-fiction again.

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